I am Brian Brewer, and I am Green for a reason. Did you know that 60% of pesticides and fertilizers will end up in your water system?  Or that lawn maintenance equipment isn’t regulated to reduce air pollution?  In just one hour, a gas-powered lawn mower can do more harm to the environment than a handful of cars and trucks on the road.  

So with Green Toe Turf, we came up with a better solution. As a small business owner, I have served the Palm County community for the last 13 years, first with Blue Frog Pools and now with Green Toe Turf, but my experience in customer care and my commitment to the community goes back even further.  Whether we’re at work or at play, we do what we can to keep our turf Green and our beaches Clean - that’s why you’ll find us helping out with local beach cleanup efforts in between jobs.  Give us a call when you're ready to make your South Florida plans for beautiful landscapes a reality.  

We’ll work with you to keep your toes happy, healthy, and Green! 


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